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This website is dedicated to the basic concept behind the Hide-a-Futon of this current Model 1.1 and the sale of a 38 page set of drawings for its construction.

The basic concept is the idea of having a set of shelves that you can set items on and display and then have the ability to have a Stowable Futon slide out of the shelves and then lay on the floor where a mattress is rolled out…

The size of this Model 1.1 is a twin size futon mattress and can be fabricated from the plans available on this site in conjunction with the purchase of materials and hardware from a local Lumber Store or Big Box home improvement store that sells wood and hardware.

The size of the wood products listed and cut to specification on the plans are standard wood sizes and metal hardware based on the Imperial Measurement System… A metric plan version will be out shortly as well as a queen size futon set up and other iterations of the basic concept.

The prices for the material vary from state to state but I am estimating that the cost is under $350.00 for the wood and hardware and a person with basic hand power tools can assemble this model in a moderate amount of time.

I look forward to the feedback from the community at large on how this design plays out…

Please if you have any questions or comments please let me know in the Review~Contact section…

Thank you,

Jeffrey Holliday

Colorado Blue Pine

A possible choice of wood for the Hide-a-Futon piece

The use of beetle kill pine in the production of this current version of the Hide-a-Futon is my goal when I am able to build them for sale…

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